Hand Designed Details

The project at hand...


Architectural plans for a master bath shower called for an interior window which was a unique opportunity to create an aesthetic focal point for the room. The window needed to allow light through, but did not have to be transparent.   

Our inspiration!


Upon meeting with the client to brainstorm, we decided as a team that our inspiration would derive from the decorative tile that was already being incorporated throughout the rest of the bathroom. The distinguished yet playful lines gave us a great starting point! 

Complimentary Master Bath Tile


Master Bath Tile


 Our next step was to visit one of our favorite vendors, Dauphin, to research the latest styles of glass as well as etchings and finishes that can be applied to glass. 

 Narrowing our choices down wasn’t easy, but we found an inspiration picture and called a meeting with James, our glass designer. 

 I emailed him the scanned photo of our mosaic bathroom tile and our inspiration photo and he went to work. James’ initial sketch was beautiful, but the client had some recommendations to tweak it to their liking. The client wanted to emphasize the curvilinear lines over the geometric patterns, so James went back to the drawing board. He did such a fantastic job incorporating elements from both mosaics while making a completely unique creation. Stay tuned to the blog for the latest photos of our bathroom masterpiece! 

Hand drawn design from James


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