Lawn Furniture for Literalists

Photo Courtesy of Ready Made Blog

I couldn’t help but spread the blog love on this post I saw at Ready Made. Incredible to think you can build a permanent seating fixture in your garden with some wooden stakes, plywood, soil and sod. If you build this at your home we’d like to hear about your experience! Also… we’d like to know what detergent you use to get the grass stains out of your clothes.


Submit Your Home or Office to be Featured on our Blog!

Houston’s Infamous Beer Can House. Of all the ways to decorate a house, this is one of them.  

The Gulf Coast is full of charm, innovation, and trend-bucking trailblazers and we bet you’re one of them! We are going to be featuring interesting homes and offices and we want your submissions. Show off your unique design style by submitting photos, videos, snail mail, or any other way you can get us your materials. Depending on the amount of submissions we will feature 1-2 incredible houses a month. Tune in to our new monthly blog series, Gulf Coast Compositions, to see real homes with real residents and all different kinds of style!


Submission can be made by sending photos, videos, or by USPS or other mail carrier. Please note, any personal information (Name, Email, Address, or other information deemed by Creative Touch Interiors or associated staff too personal to share) will not be published online. Outlined below are recommended guidelines for submission.

  • Photos: Please submit 5 – 15 photos to, please include your name, your neighborhood, and city information. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.
  • Videos: Please submit videos no longer than 3 minutes to Please include a short paragraph about your video.
  • Snail mail: Please submit printed 5-15 printed photos. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.

Your submission does not guarantee your home or office will be featured on the site. All submissions will be carefully considered for publication.

We look forward to getting your submissions and can’t wait to feature our first home!

Julie Soefer

Julie Soefer has been the photographer for so many years at Creative Touch that she’s starting to blend in with the furniture. (Ok, no more interior design jokes, I promise!) Every home that Julie shoots for us there are a plethora of unbelievable photos. And no one has a better eye than Julie for details.

When Julie’s shots arrive in the office we pour over them to study every detail – the shafts of light, the curve of a chair foot, the depth of patterned fabric. So often, though, we end up using the photos that capture the entirety of the room. What happens to all those detail photos? Well, it means we get to feature her here!

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The Importance of Networking

It is important to get to know your peers in any industry. What about other industries, though? The life of your career will end up touching people across every field. Making the most of those relationships can elevate your business to new heights through cross-promotion. Get creative and think about how you can team up with others to generate new business and clients by holding events together, sharing eblast lists, and offering discounts to each others client base.

One organization that I’ve become involved with in Houston is the River Oaks Women’s Breakfast Club. Each member represents one of the leading experts in her field and I feel incredibly privileged to be surrounded by such talented women! Our morning meetings provide the opportunity to promote business development, develop strategic contacts, and increase the visibility of professional women in the community. Each meeting includes amazing speakers, some from within our own community and others regional. Each woman has a streak of entrepreneurship, is successful and confident, supportive and dedicated. We also break up into smaller groups to share ideas about improving our business and discussing our shared interests. I love my group because it is a wonderful example of women supporting women.

I encourage every business person to reach out and do some networking this week! If you have a great example of how you network, please share it so that everyone can learn from your experience.

Join us at the 2011 Spring Design Market!

Mary McDonald

Peggy Hull

The 2011 Spring Design Market is right around the corner – jam-packed with fabulous lectures, tips, and tricks to keep you in the loop about the latest trends in design and decorating. This year the theme is Celebrate Design Inspiration! We’re thrilled about the Open Houses, Afternoon Teas, and if you happen to be in the design industry they are offering Continuing Education classes Gratis.The featured speaker is Mary McDonald, who hails from L.A., is known for her ability to boldly combine color patterns and international stylings to create her signature brand.

Mary McDonald, Alkusari Stone, Showroom #229, 11:30AM

Her lecture promises to be fabulous, but she isn’t the only speaker! The following day Peggy Hull will be lecturing on, “Antiques with a Twist:  Using Antiques to Enrich Your Lifestyle.”

Peggy Hull, Charlotte Nail Antiques, Showroom #165, 11:30AM

Dec My Room

Jennifer Meeks’ talent can seem limitless, but her heart is just as big as her talent. Jennifer is volunteering with a group called Dec My Room, dedicated to enhancing the lives of ill children who are admitted into the hospital for a prolonged period of time. Volunteers like Jennifer help to improve the comfort of patients by tailoring their rooms to the special likes of each individual. Children who are undergoing treatment experience uncertainty regarding their treatment outcome, making treatment taxing, and the sterile environment of a hospital room can be off-putting. Dec My Room brings comfort and familiarity to the room while showing support to the children and families enduring the stress of treatment. Jennifer’s experiences with Dec My Room will be chronicled through this blog; Creative Touch Interiors is proud to support such a worthwhile organization.

To learn more about Dec My Room, become a volunteer, or pledge your financial support click through here.