Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Creative Touch!

This is a custom home replica we found at Rebecca Russell Cake Toppers

The holidays are busy and full of things to do; presents to purchase, relatives to see, rooms to clean, and meals to fix! At our office we work until the 11th hour, but when the time comes we know to shut off the computer, pour a glass of wine, and appreciate the wonderful people in our lives. Peggy is a non-stop go-getter whose dedication has built this wonderful company we’re all a part of! Jennifer’s keen eye can differentiate the slightest of color variations and her efforts to work with vendors can make miracles happen when we need them. Kendall’s quick skills on the computer enables a room to magically appear on-screen so clients can see the vision of our talented designers.

It’s not just the people around us who we appreciate, though – it’s our many loyal readers! Thank you for reading our blog, visiting our site, and being a part of our audience! To commemorate the holidays, we wanted to gift you some fun photos of stunning gingerbread houses (an edible home is still a home!) that we’ve found. Happy Holidays from Creative Touch Interiors and stick around to see our big reveal of our Austin house, new features in 2011, and all of our projects we’ve been busy little elves completing!


This adorable creation was found at Red Door Home

Click this photo to find instructions on how to create this Gingerbread Beach House!

Should we start making edible homes in 2011? Working with Artisan Cake Company sounds like a tasty future to us!