Janus et Cie

Janus et Cie

Any homeowner can be overwhelmed when they look at a bare room. Based on the room’s location and size in the home as well as the homeowner’s preference of activities can help to determine what furniture should go in the room as well as the arrangement. But what do you do when you move to the great outdoors? Walking out the backdoor of any home you don’t have a lot of structure to work inside of, but you can always start by asking what you do outside. If you have kids you probably have outdoor toys for which you will need storage. You might also be considering the possibility of entertaining – whether your guests are your children’s friends or your friends – you will need seating and a table. How do you create a durable area that will withstand the raucous play of children as well as create a visually impressive designscape for your adult friends? It’s all about incorporating statement pieces with functional ones; we encourage with you to mix and match to create the best furniture combination for you family! Pick up functional pieces at any big box store, but finding a statement piece to match? That’s our forte. We want you to check out furniture pieces by Janus et Cie. With weather like this we know you are inspired to work on your outdoors – here is some inspiration for you to start making your outdoor dreams come true!

Classic AND Durable!

Janus et Cie is a company that builds their furniture to compliment the natural lines and the artistry of the great outdoors. High quality and high value – these pieces will still be in style and last you for years to come.

Janus et Cie furniture in the Trellis Spa at the Houstonian
Janus et Cie furniture in the Tremont Hotel in Galveston

Drumroll Squared


Master Bedroom

In our previous post we started showing the final outcome of our Barton Creek home out in Austin, TX. It’s time to unveil the downstairs of the home as well as the stunning outdoor spaces designed to compliment the beauty of the rolling hill country. The downstairs includes the master bedroom, the formal and informal living rooms, the dining room, wine cellar, and eat-in kitchen. Also, we had to showcase the outdoor living spaces since it is such an important part of the

Austin lifestyle! Pop your popcorn, put up your feet and take in the views of the Austin life…

Formal Living Room

Family Living Room

Formal Dining Room

Wine Cellar

2nd Floor Open Air Porch

Sweeping view of the backside of the home

A peaceful respite off the family living room

The perfect outdoor bar for mixed drinks next to the pool!

The Master Bath

Personal Vanity in the Master Bathroom

One of the Too-Die-For Master Closets


Family Office

Puppy's Bedroom!

Drumroll, please!

How long have I been talking about our beautiful Austin hill country house that we’ve completed?!? You remember the Massive Move In Series on our blog, right? Prelude, Playroom, Sleep Like a Baby, Study on a Study, and Story of a Downsized Kitchen all belong to this massive home.

Well, we’ve finally received our professional photos and I can’t WAIT to share them with you. Featured here are all of the photos from the second story of this stunning home. I’ll put up the most inclusive pictures of each room, but I recommend you check out our Flickr photostream for all the gorgeous detail photos! Thanks to Julie Soefer for lending us her time and talent!!

Baby's Room

Baby's Room

Princess Room

Tea for Two in the Princess Room

The Adult Playroom!

A Stunning Study

A Stunning Study

The Playroom!

From Cluttered to Composed

Older homes pose a host of challenges, none more exciting than an odd-shaped room. Sometimes this room can be an old storage space that was finished or perhaps it gained its’ shape from enlarging an adjacent room during remodeling. Like that strange relative you don’t know where to seat at the party, it’s sometimes hard to find a way to incorporate this odd room into the rest of the home.  

A homeowner approached us with an L-shaped room recently; the room had such a tiny door opening – only 28 inches! It had become a repository for any old furniture that could fit and had been overrun with children’s toys making it difficult for adults to even enter the room.  

Like your wierd relatives, this room needs a makeover.



This odd, L-shaped room needed to function as a home office and a child’s playroom. This multi-functional space required measurements of all office equipment so that an autocad drawing could be created. Assessing the room I could tell, like that wierd relative, that it had redeeming qualities and all it needed was a quick makeover so it could fit in!  

The walls were painted a creamy yellow and a custom-built desk was commissioned to house the computer, shredder, files, and office supplies. (Thank you David Gunn and Gunn Construction!) The TV was then secured to the wall above a custom low-level cabinet which hide electrical components safely while open shelving stores fabric-lined baskets for toys and puzzles. Bright green bookcases also help to store children’s books and games. A pair of custom armless slipper chairs in a small-scale fit through the door, but are large enough so that an adult can sit in them without feeling like they are visiting their child’s elementary school classroom. The fabric is a classic – time-tested, 100% durable cotton in an adorable polka-dot pattern and accented with bright geometric pillows. (We added casters to the legs to allow for ease of mobility!)  

Toy organization is within reach of children. Let's hope they use it!


Gunn Construction created the custom desk pictured here to house all of the office items.