Janus et Cie

Janus et Cie

Any homeowner can be overwhelmed when they look at a bare room. Based on the room’s location and size in the home as well as the homeowner’s preference of activities can help to determine what furniture should go in the room as well as the arrangement. But what do you do when you move to the great outdoors? Walking out the backdoor of any home you don’t have a lot of structure to work inside of, but you can always start by asking what you do outside. If you have kids you probably have outdoor toys for which you will need storage. You might also be considering the possibility of entertaining – whether your guests are your children’s friends or your friends – you will need seating and a table. How do you create a durable area that will withstand the raucous play of children as well as create a visually impressive designscape for your adult friends? It’s all about incorporating statement pieces with functional ones; we encourage with you to mix and match to create the best furniture combination for you family! Pick up functional pieces at any big box store, but finding a statement piece to match? That’s our forte. We want you to check out furniture pieces by Janus et Cie. With weather like this we know you are inspired to work on your outdoors – here is some inspiration for you to start making your outdoor dreams come true!

Classic AND Durable!

Janus et Cie is a company that builds their furniture to compliment the natural lines and the artistry of the great outdoors. High quality and high value – these pieces will still be in style and last you for years to come.

Janus et Cie furniture in the Trellis Spa at the Houstonian
Janus et Cie furniture in the Tremont Hotel in Galveston

Juicy Third Floor Spa

What would you put in a 13,000 square foot house? Two Tanglewood homeowners decided that they wanted to dedicate the entirety of their third floor to a fitness room, spa, and JUICE BAR. The contemporary home is an entirely new build, start to finish. This floor in particular  is inspired by Santorini, the gorgeous island in Greece.  If you’ve never been, you should schedule your trip IMMEDIATELY (it’s fabulous!).

Yes, Santorini IS as beautiful as it looks.
The mirror was backlit to give a more glamourous feel

The spa bathroom itself is one of 7 bathrooms in the house, but the feel of this bathroom is cool and contemporary. A striking Siberia Blend glass mosaic tile by Oceanside was laid vertically for a modern look and set off with a modern vessel sink. The sink rests on a custom, 8cm crystallized glass countertop by Alkusari Stone.  If you are not familiar with industry standards you should know that 8cm is really thick for a countertop as you can see in the photograph to the right! The mirror was originally designed to be framed with espresso wood, but the glass tile was so sexy that we had to incorporate the LED backlights to enhance the glamour.

The arches and carpet in this room are reminiscent of Santorini.

Attached to the spa-bathroom is a fitness room, the colors in the carpet are Santorini inspired as well. The fitness room is attached to the juice bar, outfitted with a mini-fridge perfect for water, electrolytes, juice, or perhaps some wine from Santorini to enjoy out on the sundeck, also attached to the fitness room.

More from this house will be revealed soon! Stay tuned for the reveal of the rest of this gorgeous new home.

The juice bar!

A Side Project!

You might have noticed a little break in our postings! I really missed posting and telling you about all of the exciting things going on at the firm BUT…

I got married!

So I HAD to show you some photos because Creative Touch did the decor and they did a FABULOUS job. I am so lucky to work with such talented women. A big thank you to Peggy for her help collecting all of the items AND staying on budget. All of these photos are taken by amateurs with an amazing eye – thanks to my friends for letting me borrow them for this post!

My hubby and me!

Instead of cake, we went with pie. MMMmmmmmm......pie...

Gorgeous Centerpieces!

The Importance of Networking

It is important to get to know your peers in any industry. What about other industries, though? The life of your career will end up touching people across every field. Making the most of those relationships can elevate your business to new heights through cross-promotion. Get creative and think about how you can team up with others to generate new business and clients by holding events together, sharing eblast lists, and offering discounts to each others client base.

One organization that I’ve become involved with in Houston is the River Oaks Women’s Breakfast Club. Each member represents one of the leading experts in her field and I feel incredibly privileged to be surrounded by such talented women! Our morning meetings provide the opportunity to promote business development, develop strategic contacts, and increase the visibility of professional women in the community. Each meeting includes amazing speakers, some from within our own community and others regional. Each woman has a streak of entrepreneurship, is successful and confident, supportive and dedicated. We also break up into smaller groups to share ideas about improving our business and discussing our shared interests. I love my group because it is a wonderful example of women supporting women.

I encourage every business person to reach out and do some networking this week! If you have a great example of how you network, please share it so that everyone can learn from your experience.

Join us at the 2011 Spring Design Market!

Mary McDonald

Peggy Hull

The 2011 Spring Design Market is right around the corner – jam-packed with fabulous lectures, tips, and tricks to keep you in the loop about the latest trends in design and decorating. This year the theme is Celebrate Design Inspiration! We’re thrilled about the Open Houses, Afternoon Teas, and if you happen to be in the design industry they are offering Continuing Education classes Gratis.The featured speaker is Mary McDonald, who hails from L.A., is known for her ability to boldly combine color patterns and international stylings to create her signature brand.

Mary McDonald, Alkusari Stone, Showroom #229, 11:30AM

Her lecture promises to be fabulous, but she isn’t the only speaker! The following day Peggy Hull will be lecturing on, “Antiques with a Twist:  Using Antiques to Enrich Your Lifestyle.”

Peggy Hull, Charlotte Nail Antiques, Showroom #165, 11:30AM

Christopher Guy, Featured Furniture Designer

Different, but Classic - Coffee Table

Christopher Guy’s website states, “a room is about a dialogue that creates an ambience out of individual elements” and in his designs he tries to promote a “conversation between traditional and contemporary.” He espouses that, “the finest and most enduring designs tend to be simple in their execution.” Truly, each piece finds a harmony between high art and simplicity – with a balance of composition in mind for each and every detail. In his collection you will find a piece that you will be able to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Don’t be mindful of the prices listed on their websitewe can get you a great (a.k.a. SIZEABLE) discount. While you are wandering through the pages, be sure to check out the artist impressions of the pieces which will display size and scale within the room.

Artists Impression of Sofa

Gorgeous Sectioned Sofa


Gabby Showroom

Introducing our latest line, Gabby.

Gabby asks us to, “Forget everything you know about antique reproduction furniture.”

Why? Gabby has a better idea.

Gabby knows you don’t want a hastily produced mass replication piece. You love antiques because of the quality construction. Because they have character. Because they have lasted the test of time in both style and function. Gabby has a great idea. They modify found antiques to update them or incorporate used woods, metals, textiles, or hardware. You have to check out their Unique Finds section which is one of a kind, found antiques from all over the world.  There isn’t a showroom in Houston – yet – but check out their website or give us a call and we’ll walk you through the catalogue.

Hand Carved Bench

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