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One Classy Baby! Putting a Sophisticated Nursery Together

One four year old girl loves her baby brother! Mom loves plaids and a vintage vibe so Creative Touch Interiors is going to put together a sophisticated nursery for this handsome little man. A new set of dark furniture can be tough to compliment with plaids – it’s important that the nursery look like it’s suited to a child and not old and stuffy like a man’s study. The solution is in the plaid:  use primary colors. Neutral walls allow the furniture and linens to take center stage. A vibrant red coverlet sets off the plaid pillows. Mom’s penchant for vintage has inspired a quest for the perfect accent; after speaking with a local artist we’ve picked out two vintage transportation posters that we are going to apply to the walls in paint. The colors on the artwork will be customized to match the palette of the room.

It’s important to keep big sister involved, too! Upon ripening to the young age of four she’s finally decided on her favorite colors – pink and lavender. Her nursery was originally blue and already has luxurious draperies so Peggy and her team will be utilizing their local artist to design a focal point in the inset archway that frames the bed; a stunning cherry blossom-like tree with pink and lavender flowers. The artist will also accent the iron headboard with pinks and lavenders to pull all of the colors together. The existing upscale bedding will be incorporated and new accent pillows will bring in the new colors. Since big sis is growing up so fast we are also adding a built-in desk for projects and homework! The project she is most excited about, though, is helping to take care of her new baby brother!

Once our project is complete we will post photos of these gorgeous rooms!


Julie Soefer

Julie Soefer has been the photographer for so many years at Creative Touch that she’s starting to blend in with the furniture. (Ok, no more interior design jokes, I promise!) Every home that Julie shoots for us there are a plethora of unbelievable photos. And no one has a better eye than Julie for details.

When Julie’s shots arrive in the office we pour over them to study every detail – the shafts of light, the curve of a chair foot, the depth of patterned fabric. So often, though, we end up using the photos that capture the entirety of the room. What happens to all those detail photos? Well, it means we get to feature her here!

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A Side Project!

You might have noticed a little break in our postings! I really missed posting and telling you about all of the exciting things going on at the firm BUT…

I got married!

So I HAD to show you some photos because Creative Touch did the decor and they did a FABULOUS job. I am so lucky to work with such talented women. A big thank you to Peggy for her help collecting all of the items AND staying on budget. All of these photos are taken by amateurs with an amazing eye – thanks to my friends for letting me borrow them for this post!

My hubby and me!

Instead of cake, we went with pie. MMMmmmmmm......pie...

Gorgeous Centerpieces!

ASID February 2010 Showrise: Puzzle Pieces

Leave this one to the professionals...


Behind the scenes, three days had been allotted for furniture installation. Furniture was delivered by Thompson Delivery Services, Inc. for the entire apartment on the same day. After it was delivered to the appropriate location what seemed like a knee-deep sea of moving popcorn and tissue paper started to fill the living room as Peggy and her team unpacked the multitude of boxes – many of them holding only a single, delicate item. 

A faux finish on the back wall adds depth to the dining area.


When participating in a show-rise such as this, Peggy and her team are limited to what items they can borrow and return to their various industry partners. Although they couldn’t get exactly what they wanted as listed on their design board they were able to borrow items that still created the effect that they wanted to achieve. 

After having participated in dozens of shows like this, Peggy knew to order extra items and boy, did they come in handy! Extra rugs, artwork and accessories were borrowed by other designers in the home which allowed for a cohesive look throughout all of the unique spaces.

ASID February 2010 Showrise: Get Inspired

Ostrich Eggs on Stands

Rocking out with the Horn Display accessories

Peggy wanted to take advantage of the apartments’ best asset, the expansive, floor to ceiling windows that allowed the resident to take in the panoramic views of downtown. The length of the living room called for several seating areas, allowing a multi-functional space to be created through careful furniture arrangement. Peggy recommends, “…diagonal design for furniture placement also allows for the best advantage to see the views from all areas.” The Creative Touch team came together to create a design board with a palette that pulled in various fabrics and textures, metals, and woods. They also incorporated accessories which reflected the multi-cultural downtown area and enhanced the architectural lines of the space.

The Design Board for the Showrise!