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Cool It

The Stunning New Color Palette

Warm sundrenched colors graced the living room of a traditional home; golds, burgundy reds, and accents of navy created a formal space that was starting to seem dated. In the hot Houston summers, the family tended to steer clear of this room, even though they needed the space.

Outdated Layout

With three daughters (12, 8, and 4 years old) running the home everyday activities can get kind of raucous. The room needs to address all kinds of family needs including a formal living room, game nights, musical practice room, and entertaining space for both adult events and an annual slumber party for the girls and their friends.

Outdated Color Scheme

Whenever we design a room we put together our design board and build our layout for the room on AutoCAD. Take a look at these sumptuous steel blue neutrals paired with cool browns. Our layout for this room is going to take this square footage from faded to fabulous.

Living Room Floor Plan

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The Colors of 2011

Barefootin is the "in" color in 2011.

Every year furniture, artwork, and fabrics are fabricated around a single color; a color that will define that years’ style from my industry to the fashion industry. Before we explore the color chosen for 2011, let’s take a moment to reflect on who gets to do the choosing. The Color Marketing Group (CMG) was founded in 1962 and is an association of 1,100 Color Designers who forecast colors one to three years in advance for all industries.

The forecasted color for 2011 is “Barefootin’” defined as, “a warm neutral juiced with orange; similar to the color of sand.” I love this color because it is functional, practical, and it pairs well with so many other colors. The CMG recommends pairing this color with soft muted grays which will elevate this color in sophistication and elegance.

This Anthropologie camel coat reflects the impact of the CMG.

Durable outdoor fabrics are making lighter colors more accessible and feasible for consumers. You will see trends toward white, the ultimate color of luxury in an outdoor setting. Although white fabric seems as though it would be incredibly difficult to keep clean, these fabrics resist fading from sun exposure and are resistant to dirt. I especially love Sunbrella fabrics, click this link to see what they have to offer.

Do you have any barefootin’ in your house already? What colors would you pair with barefootin?