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One Classy Baby! Putting a Sophisticated Nursery Together

One four year old girl loves her baby brother! Mom loves plaids and a vintage vibe so Creative Touch Interiors is going to put together a sophisticated nursery for this handsome little man. A new set of dark furniture can be tough to compliment with plaids – it’s important that the nursery look like it’s suited to a child and not old and stuffy like a man’s study. The solution is in the plaid:  use primary colors. Neutral walls allow the furniture and linens to take center stage. A vibrant red coverlet sets off the plaid pillows. Mom’s penchant for vintage has inspired a quest for the perfect accent; after speaking with a local artist we’ve picked out two vintage transportation posters that we are going to apply to the walls in paint. The colors on the artwork will be customized to match the palette of the room.

It’s important to keep big sister involved, too! Upon ripening to the young age of four she’s finally decided on her favorite colors – pink and lavender. Her nursery was originally blue and already has luxurious draperies so Peggy and her team will be utilizing their local artist to design a focal point in the inset archway that frames the bed; a stunning cherry blossom-like tree with pink and lavender flowers. The artist will also accent the iron headboard with pinks and lavenders to pull all of the colors together. The existing upscale bedding will be incorporated and new accent pillows will bring in the new colors. Since big sis is growing up so fast we are also adding a built-in desk for projects and homework! The project she is most excited about, though, is helping to take care of her new baby brother!

Once our project is complete we will post photos of these gorgeous rooms!


Massive Move-In: Playroom

Jennifer and Jamie

Jennifer and Jamie take on the Playroom


Where do we start??

A mountain of plush toys sat in a giant fuzzy pile – their oversized eyes begging me to jump into their midst and cuddle with all of them. (What?) After reliving my childhood for a moment, we set about organizing over 40 boxes of toys, games, DVDs, books, and more toys. Did I mention toys? A large cabinet designated for the TV, video games, DVD player, and accessories was quickly filled with all of its’ corresponding items.

The centerpiece of the room is a fun, whimsical piece of furniture that gives the user endless compositions; from a lounge chair with ottoman to a sectional sofa to a sofa bed. The endless possibilities allow the children to use their creative side – and the light weight of each piece gives opportunity to pillow forts any day of the week. The fun, energetic, and perefctly mismatched fabrics makes each piece unique and easily replaceable – IDEAL for the playroom.

Together, we created separate play spaces within the room for playing with doll houses, tea time, games, and story time. Complementary artwork, hand selected by Mom (who has a number of favorite artists she has commissioned) adorned the walls. Also, a large custom window seat is being created to play off of the wide color palette in the room.

How long it will stay gorgeous, organized, and pristine is an entirely different question…


Pillow fort....ahoy!


Gorgeous and Organized

Massive Move-In: Sleep like a Baby

She'll have to get a little bigger before she can enjoy the view of the hills beyond.

One of the best views in the Austin’s gorgeous Barton Creek area belongs to a sweet little girl; of course, she’ll have to get tall enough to see over her mountain of plush toys first. Little Gabrielle has a beatifully customized suite for an infant that will serve her well as she grows into a young woman with a walk-in and customized closet, personal bathroom, and a reading nook that will be the perfect place to study.

The mission behind this room was to create a storyland for Gabrielle’s imagination and offer a soft and sweet safe haven for her and Mom to relax and spend time together. Our specialty faux finisher, Marilyn Garber, created dreamlike fairies and birds for the walls…

Fairies to take her to Dreamland!

The furniture was brought from the previous home and it was too much fun putting away tiny socks, hats, and shoes! A massive changing station, small armoir, bookcase, crib and side table fit in perfectly.  A large custom armoir was also created to attach to suit a young ladies’ need for additional closet space. A rocker for Mom as well as a rocking horse for Gabby made a wonderful vignette and you won’t miss the GIANT stuffed elephant and horse either!

See the photos below to watch the transformation from a pink room to a childhood oasis!

Goldilocks said, "This bathroom is JUST right."

Mr. Ed just couldn't handle the mess.


What gorgeous details: the Berber carpet and ceilings painted with clouds!


A room fit for a princess!