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Submit Your Home or Office to be Featured on our Blog!

Houston’s Infamous Beer Can House. Of all the ways to decorate a house, this is one of them.  

The Gulf Coast is full of charm, innovation, and trend-bucking trailblazers and we bet you’re one of them! We are going to be featuring interesting homes and offices and we want your submissions. Show off your unique design style by submitting photos, videos, snail mail, or any other way you can get us your materials. Depending on the amount of submissions we will feature 1-2 incredible houses a month. Tune in to our new monthly blog series, Gulf Coast Compositions, to see real homes with real residents and all different kinds of style!


Submission can be made by sending photos, videos, or by USPS or other mail carrier. Please note, any personal information (Name, Email, Address, or other information deemed by Creative Touch Interiors or associated staff too personal to share) will not be published online. Outlined below are recommended guidelines for submission.

  • Photos: Please submit 5 – 15 photos to, please include your name, your neighborhood, and city information. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.
  • Videos: Please submit videos no longer than 3 minutes to Please include a short paragraph about your video.
  • Snail mail: Please submit printed 5-15 printed photos. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.

Your submission does not guarantee your home or office will be featured on the site. All submissions will be carefully considered for publication.

We look forward to getting your submissions and can’t wait to feature our first home!


Christopher Guy, Featured Furniture Designer

Different, but Classic - Coffee Table

Christopher Guy’s website states, “a room is about a dialogue that creates an ambience out of individual elements” and in his designs he tries to promote a “conversation between traditional and contemporary.” He espouses that, “the finest and most enduring designs tend to be simple in their execution.” Truly, each piece finds a harmony between high art and simplicity – with a balance of composition in mind for each and every detail. In his collection you will find a piece that you will be able to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Don’t be mindful of the prices listed on their websitewe can get you a great (a.k.a. SIZEABLE) discount. While you are wandering through the pages, be sure to check out the artist impressions of the pieces which will display size and scale within the room.

Artists Impression of Sofa

Gorgeous Sectioned Sofa

1 + 1 = 1? The Story of a Downsized kitchen

This homeowner downsized from 2 kitchens to 1 making space a premium in this seemingly enormous kitchen. When a home buyer enters an upscale kitchen such as this, it looks like it has all the storage space in the world. After working with Squared Away all week, I knew it was going to be a larger undertaking…

Still Packed

More boxes?

Knowing our homeowner isn’t Yao Ming, decisions had to be made. Evaluating every item for its’ significance and usefulness in the kitchen, the entire Creative Touch team and one VERY talented organizer got to work putting every item in its place. See the transformation for 2 homeowner foodie-types who are about to walk into kitchen paradise.

I find organization relaxing, don't you?

ALMOST done...

Momma don’t you take my Kodachrome away…

Black frames add to the drama of the black and white photos.

It’s spring in Texas and that means it’s time to grab your Kodak and head for the bluebonnet covered hills to make some treasured family memories! In fact, many of my clients already have wonderful photographs of their children, family members, and ancestors that have been tucked away in boxes and hidden from view. As a designer, a Mom, and a past teacher, I am a strong advocate for displaying the family history and memories in a wall grouping at the appropriate location and in the appropriate frames. 

  • Personal photos displayed in your home tell the story of who lives there and creates a warm and welcoming surrounding for you and your visitors.
  • Children or other family members gain a sense of “belonging” which gives a feeling of stability by seeing themselves as part of an intimate family.

Some clients attempt to display their treasures but miss the boat by using unmatched frames from discount stores and wonder why it feels “messy and busy.” I’ve outlined some simple design guidelines below to help you create a beautiful and cohesive look for a successful outcome. 

  • Consider the image. Casual photographs of the family will be quite at home in an upstairs hallway, or study, or even in bedrooms.
  • More formal portraits should be displayed in an entry hall, living room, or master bedroom. 
  • Framing is the key. If an image is not properly framed then do not display the image on a wall, instead place the photo in a nice album on the bookshelf. 

Think about doing something really fun with your photos! I use both for the products and inspirations.

  • For a grouping, all the photographs should be in similar frames or matching frames. Black gallery frames are more contemporary and classic; I find they are the perfect setting for more casual photographs. Coordinating frames in pewter or brushed silver are nice for a mix of contemporary and historical photographs that have tones of sepia, black and white, and vibrant color.
  • Always use neutral mattes (off white or white) in either paper or linen. Match the color of the neutral matte to the skin tone of the person in the image. 
  •  Hire a professional art installer to install all groupings. Our process begins with measuring the wall and recreating the shape of the wall by taping off a section of flooring that is identical to the wall size. Then we will move the photos around in that area until there is a good balance and scale. Your installer can then transfer the frames to the walls with no mistakes. This can be done in half the time it would take a lay person and there are no banged up fingers either! 
  • Think about doing something really fun with your photos. I use Wonderful Graffiti both for the products and inspirations.

    Think beyond photos. This treasured sports memoribilia collection displays beautifully in a study.

  • Finally, think beyond just photos. Include a postcard from one of the family vacations, a lace hankie form Grandmother, a stone picked up on the beach, an odd antique spoon from an aunt. Large items like a baby’s christening dress can be framed in a shadow box tacked onto a pretty linen fabric. Once you get started collecting all these treasures it is hard to stop!