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7 Bathroom Showcase

Earlier we featured our Mediterranean inspired home in Tanglewood and their fabulous Juicy Third Floor Spa! It’s no surprise that the third floor spa isn’t the only stunning bathroom in the home. Each room has its’ own personality and style – let’s explore the looks and trends in high-end bathrooms that makes this house such a showstopper!

Bathroom #1:  Powder Bath

The art deco glamour of Old Hollywood is captured in this stunning bathroom. The plaster faux finish walls was completed by Segreto Finishes and is set off by a unique Hotel ZaZa inspired glass mosaic framed mirror. The vanity was a pre-fabricated chest of drawers modified to be used as a sink vanity, the vanity was topped with black cosmic granite and a drop-in vessel sink with black mosaic metal studs. The masculinity of the dark colors and heavy materials is balanced off by the curvinlinear lines in the arches, lighting fixtures, and vanity.

Bathroom #2:  Pool Bath

The groin-vault ceiling elevates the stonework in the ceiling and frames the vanity out perfectly! The countertop is wall hung, framed out in wood and then covered with split faced Sienna Blend Stack Stone. The wall in inset with Oceania Tess Copper Tone Blend Mosaics; the details of which you can’t see the the photos, but there are pink and blue hues which are highlighted in the stone, glass, and iridescent mosaic! The blend of textures in the mosaic between the glass and rustic materials provided the pattern that the room needed to make it interesting. Also, note the gorgeous shadow from the curvaceous lantern along the wall.

Bathroom #3:  Master Bathroom

This stunning marble bathroom is decked in both Emperador Marble as well as a white marble.  Most marble comes with fissures, or baby cracks, in it so when you receive your piece of marble inspect it carefully for hairline fractures so that it won’t break over time. The gorgeous stand alone jet tub in the room is a fantastic choice as it will require less maintenance over time; water jets, by virtue of their design, can get mold buildup in the jets. The His and Hers bathroom is divided by a 2 person shower with intricately designed interior windows. (Unfortunately they were not installed yet during the time of this photo shoot!) Every feature of this bathroom is softly lit with carefully placed crystal lighting fixtures.

Bathroom #4: The Guest Bathroom

A blend of Alkusari Stone, Travertine, and Limestone are laid out in a beautiful blend in the backsplash and flooring of this bathroom. A mosaic ribbon in both of those locations brings a focal point lit by an inlaid sconce in the mirror. By drilling a hole in the mirror and installing the sconce inside of it we were able to take the mirror wall to wall to visually add space to the room. The frameless shower door is a great addition and also adds to the illusion of added space.

Bathroom #5: The Third Floor Spa

If you haven’t already checked out our Third Floor Spa inspired bathroom, you should check it out now; we had so much to share we devoted an entire entry to it!

Bathroom #6 and #7: The Girls’ Bathrooms

These little girls bathrooms pay homage to the innocence, purity, and sweetness of little girls! The Calacatta Marble floors are reflected in the mirror-front cabinets with pink crystal knobs. The pink hues on the walls are so feminine, light, and airy and pick up the watermelon inlaid mosaics in the sink backsplash. The closets are a girls’ dream with zebra carpeting with a custom-designed wardrobe! It almost makes me want to hand over my childhood Caboodles!


Massive Move-In: Sleep like a Baby

She'll have to get a little bigger before she can enjoy the view of the hills beyond.

One of the best views in the Austin’s gorgeous Barton Creek area belongs to a sweet little girl; of course, she’ll have to get tall enough to see over her mountain of plush toys first. Little Gabrielle has a beatifully customized suite for an infant that will serve her well as she grows into a young woman with a walk-in and customized closet, personal bathroom, and a reading nook that will be the perfect place to study.

The mission behind this room was to create a storyland for Gabrielle’s imagination and offer a soft and sweet safe haven for her and Mom to relax and spend time together. Our specialty faux finisher, Marilyn Garber, created dreamlike fairies and birds for the walls…

Fairies to take her to Dreamland!

The furniture was brought from the previous home and it was too much fun putting away tiny socks, hats, and shoes! A massive changing station, small armoir, bookcase, crib and side table fit in perfectly.  A large custom armoir was also created to attach to suit a young ladies’ need for additional closet space. A rocker for Mom as well as a rocking horse for Gabby made a wonderful vignette and you won’t miss the GIANT stuffed elephant and horse either!

See the photos below to watch the transformation from a pink room to a childhood oasis!

Goldilocks said, "This bathroom is JUST right."

Mr. Ed just couldn't handle the mess.


What gorgeous details: the Berber carpet and ceilings painted with clouds!


A room fit for a princess!

Massive Move In: Prelude

The whole office was ecstatic to hear from a family who has been our client for several years and wanted to bring us on board again for a move from Houston to Austin. With a location like Barton Creek, we were thrilled to start working in a neighborhood that’s renowned for its scenic views and great shopping!  

Their new home was stunning in layout and interior! Although the home itself was relatively new, the family wanted it to feel like a brand new house and brought David Wilkes Builders to complete a few projects prior to their move-in. 

As David and his lovely wife, Catherine Wilkes, were completing their end of the workload Creative Touch Interiors came in to start our To Do list!  We brought a hard working team to Austin that included Jennifer Meeks, Linda Burnside, Jamie Glover, and Marilyn Garber. Setting up shop in Austin was a breeze and walking into the house we took in the size and scope of the move; it was going to be a big one!

The paint was on the walls and it was time to unpack the family’s belongings – we decided to begin with the childrens’ rooms. You can imagine the surprise at the sweet sentiments decorating the wall created by Marilyn when Jamie and Jennifer set to put away the mountain of plush animals! See some of the soft and sweet details below…


A nest of eggs with an orchids sprouting out.

Fairy with Flowers

A fairy plucks orchids.


A unicorn at the end of a rainbow.