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How to Build a Nursery

Congratulations! Adding a new member to your family is one of the most exciting events that will happen in your life. Whether it is an addition to your own or you are getting a room ready for grandkids or guests it’s important to create a space for an infant that is safe and conducive to all of their activities! Here’s a step-by-step guide to putting a room together for your little one:

  1. Start with a bare space. Take every item in the room out, clean the windows, wipe down the sills and the baseboards. If we aren’t doing anything to the walls then I like to clean any scuffs off with Magic Eraser or another wall cleaning product.
  2. Decide whether you want to decorate incorporating the baby’s sex or if you want to keep it gender neutral.
  3. Create an inspiration board with photos that include colors, furniture styles, shapes, patterns, and motifs that you enjoy. Look at blogs, magazines, and books – skip the retail catalogues, they don’t get personal enough.
  4. Step back from your inspiration board. What do you like about each picture?
  5. Decide on your crib ensemble first. (bumper pad, dust ruffle, sheets, etc.)
  6. Based on what you’ve decided already, pick out your furniture:  crib, chest, changing table, and rocker/glider. What other additional storage might you need? A toy chest? A hamper?
  7. Outfit the bedroom closet. There’s no need to be able to fit adult size clothing in there! Leave enough hanging space for onesies and other adorably tiny clothes! Install shelves with bins and other organizing tools for the remaining clothes, itty bitty accessories, and bulk diaper containers.
  8. Decide on the theme of your room! Do you want to pass on your love of animals to your child? Perhaps your passion for the stars and planets! Thinking about a more sophisticated space? Try an english garden theme or a sailing theme where you can create a backdrop that’s more subtle and bring the theme to life through bright accents.
  9. Add color to the walls. Pick out wallpaper or a paint color that will work with your theme. Think about thick horizontal stripes – they will add color and pattern without being overwhelming. If you want to use wallpaper, keep it to a minimum so the room doesn’t get too busy. Consider bold graphics for a more sophisticated nursery!
  10. Take a sample from the wallpaper or fabric that you’ve chosen when you make your baby registry.
  11. Decide on the style and fabric for your window treatments – you want to pick something out that will have longevity so that your child can use them as he or she grows. Also, you might want to incorporate blackout curtains, shutters, or layer the fabrics in the window to reduce light for your infant.
  12. Creating a room on a budget? Utilize other furniture from your house, attic, or a donated piece from a friend then paint it and change the knobs to give it a whole new life.
  13. Don’t forget your bathroom! Install a high faucet (they start at $150) so baby can bathe comfortably.
Think about your baby in the long term – Crib4Life is a crib that can expand into a bed as your child grows!


Submit Your Home or Office to be Featured on our Blog!

Houston’s Infamous Beer Can House. Of all the ways to decorate a house, this is one of them.  

The Gulf Coast is full of charm, innovation, and trend-bucking trailblazers and we bet you’re one of them! We are going to be featuring interesting homes and offices and we want your submissions. Show off your unique design style by submitting photos, videos, snail mail, or any other way you can get us your materials. Depending on the amount of submissions we will feature 1-2 incredible houses a month. Tune in to our new monthly blog series, Gulf Coast Compositions, to see real homes with real residents and all different kinds of style!


Submission can be made by sending photos, videos, or by USPS or other mail carrier. Please note, any personal information (Name, Email, Address, or other information deemed by Creative Touch Interiors or associated staff too personal to share) will not be published online. Outlined below are recommended guidelines for submission.

  • Photos: Please submit 5 – 15 photos to, please include your name, your neighborhood, and city information. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.
  • Videos: Please submit videos no longer than 3 minutes to Please include a short paragraph about your video.
  • Snail mail: Please submit printed 5-15 printed photos. Please include a short paragraph about your photos.

Your submission does not guarantee your home or office will be featured on the site. All submissions will be carefully considered for publication.

We look forward to getting your submissions and can’t wait to feature our first home!

1 + 1 = 1? The Story of a Downsized kitchen

This homeowner downsized from 2 kitchens to 1 making space a premium in this seemingly enormous kitchen. When a home buyer enters an upscale kitchen such as this, it looks like it has all the storage space in the world. After working with Squared Away all week, I knew it was going to be a larger undertaking…

Still Packed

More boxes?

Knowing our homeowner isn’t Yao Ming, decisions had to be made. Evaluating every item for its’ significance and usefulness in the kitchen, the entire Creative Touch team and one VERY talented organizer got to work putting every item in its place. See the transformation for 2 homeowner foodie-types who are about to walk into kitchen paradise.

I find organization relaxing, don't you?

ALMOST done...

Massive Move-In: Playroom

Jennifer and Jamie

Jennifer and Jamie take on the Playroom


Where do we start??

A mountain of plush toys sat in a giant fuzzy pile – their oversized eyes begging me to jump into their midst and cuddle with all of them. (What?) After reliving my childhood for a moment, we set about organizing over 40 boxes of toys, games, DVDs, books, and more toys. Did I mention toys? A large cabinet designated for the TV, video games, DVD player, and accessories was quickly filled with all of its’ corresponding items.

The centerpiece of the room is a fun, whimsical piece of furniture that gives the user endless compositions; from a lounge chair with ottoman to a sectional sofa to a sofa bed. The endless possibilities allow the children to use their creative side – and the light weight of each piece gives opportunity to pillow forts any day of the week. The fun, energetic, and perefctly mismatched fabrics makes each piece unique and easily replaceable – IDEAL for the playroom.

Together, we created separate play spaces within the room for playing with doll houses, tea time, games, and story time. Complementary artwork, hand selected by Mom (who has a number of favorite artists she has commissioned) adorned the walls. Also, a large custom window seat is being created to play off of the wide color palette in the room.

How long it will stay gorgeous, organized, and pristine is an entirely different question…


Pillow fort....ahoy!


Gorgeous and Organized